Hard working, fun, artistic, and thoughtful are a few ways that describe me. I am true to myself and enjoy being one of a kind. I completed a fashion design program while attending high school where I placed in a state sewing competition (my zipper was pretty darn good) and shortly after earned my bachelors in business. I thought business and fashion were a great combination. So far it's worked out, I work for a famous luxury retailer and absolutely love it.  I know it's weird because who likes to work weekends? The thing is, it works and I love my job and it helps keep me on my toes. My husband and I had a rough time last year with health scares, loss of loved ones, repairing water damage all while learning how to function as a full time working mom. You see I had some issues with post pardum depression and couldn't get a handle on my emotions. The one thing that keeps me at best is my love of fashion. I constantly think about how important it is for me to be a role model for my daughter.  After some reflection and that awful year in my rear view I want to share my passion for writing and fashion with you.  I like to keep with current trends and designers while telling my stories.  You know that line in the Devil Wears Prada when Miranda lectures Anne Hathaway on how cerulean blue became popular on the runway and was the very belt she was wearing?  Those stories are what I want to share with people so they can appreciate the hard work that goes into the fashion trends we wear everyday.  I love sharing my style stories with so many and am excited to share them with you!